Welcome to Our New Website


What makes you different as a stylist or salon owner? We have your answer—our new website. Welcome to the new home for Salon Only Sales! We’re proud to help our customers on a whole new level and give our independently owned brands the spotlight they deserve.

“In 14 years, we’ve never had a bottle in a big box store,” Jerry Wallis said.

Our partnerships with non-diverted, boutique brands separate your salon from the rest. With our new website, it’s easier than ever to pick and choose from our range of products and even discover something new. We can vouch for every product on our website, because we believe in our brands. Our rigorous research and development guarantees that what you see on our site will stay. “Brand turnover” isn’t in our vocabulary!

“Our brands are in it for the long haul, not to just make product,” Marc Beauclaire said.

Order faster and smarter with our online database. Each product has descriptions, step-by-step directions, ingredients, FAQs, and videos in the same place. You don’t have to go fishing in 100 different areas to find what you need—it’s all here. Our website solves one of the main problems in the beauty industry: information on hair products is either non-existent, limited, or hard to find and often scattered among many websites and personnel.

“How often do you buy a promo as a salon owner and the staff doesn’t know about the product?” Wallis said.

With our new website, we’re making it easy! We will continue to update with the latest products and promotions so you can purchase from brands that are family-owned, passionate about the industry, and ready to make an impact in your salon. Here are our favorite new features now available on our site:

Shopping Lists
Make shopping lists to streamline your ordering at Salon Only Sales.

Each product has a photo associated with it, making it easy to order under categories like hair color.

Easy Navigability
The website is organized and easy to navigate. Shop by brand, category, SKU, or use the search bar to type in your product.

Education Classes
From cut, color, styling, or extensions, sign up for classes online and get details on all our education offerings.

What are you waiting for? Log in or register on our new site to start shopping!

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