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A Better Way to Talk to Clients About Their Thinning Hair


Thinning hair is a frustrating and all-too-common issue. Since it gets worse over time, talking to clients early is critical, but it’s not always an easy topic; many clients are too embarrassed to discuss the issue or may be sensitive about it. Here are a few things to keep in mind that will make the hair-thinning conversation easier.

Create a Safe Space

Always make sure clients feel that the salon is a safe space where judgment is off the table. It should go without saying that gossiping about other clients to the current chair occupant is not only unprofessional but worse yet, implies that they are subject to judgment as well.

Create an atmosphere in which clients feel safe to open up and discuss the topic. Keep in mind that some clients may not be comfortable discussing their thinning hair in the presence of others.

Broaching the Subject of Thinning Hair

As with many topics, the most difficult part of the conversation is starting it. Clients may be eager to discuss their issue with a professional but might not know how to bring it up. Open the door in the initial consultation by asking them questions like:

Is there anything you wish you could change about your hair?
Have you noticed any differences in your hair lately?
Do you have any concerns?

Questions like these help clients feel comfortable to broach the subject.

Conversational Musts for Discussing a Difficult Topic

Make the conversation easier for everyone by following these tips.

Relate to the Client With Empathy and Compassion

Empathize with the client by attentively listening to them and truly understanding their feelings, concerns, and questions. Most people deal with thinning hair as they age, but those struggling with the issue often feel isolated. Make them more comfortable by showing understanding and acknowledging that many people share the same feelings and frustrations.

Encourage Questions

Invite clients to ask questions to keep the conversation going and to minimize awkward silence. Ask for further detail or clarification to keep things moving and help guide the conversation in a positive way.

Recognize Boundaries

Talking to clients about their thinning hair early is imperative, but some clients might not be ready to open up about the topic. Watch for and recognize signs that they aren’t prepared and back off by switching gears. Pushing them too hard could make them uncomfortable and leave them with a negative impression.

Be Prepared

Confidence comes with preparation. Get educated on the causes behind hair loss, the consequences it can have, and most of all, the options available to clients.

From hair-thinning prevention to damage control and even repair, show clients that there are many potential solutions no matter where they are on the hair-loss spectrum.

Thinning hair is something many people struggle with, but is not addressed enough, simply because it is an awkward conversation. Create a safe space and let clients bring up the topic, being prepared to discuss the options and talking to them in a way that makes them feel comfortable and confident.

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