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Featured Brand: Keracolor


Dual purpose strengthening and protection to combat color erosion.

​From almost the moment hair is colored, stressors begin to erode color vibrancy and luster. Repeated washing, sun exposure, pollution, and mechanical aggressions cause the color to weaken, fade, and dull. Hair luster, shine, and youthful appearance disappears.

Keracolor formulas have been developed to strengthen the integrity of hair, maximize the longevity and radiance of hair color by intensely conditioning, and protect and preserve intensity.

Want a temporary color that works on dark hair color? The keracolor #onenightstrand color stylers are buildable cream stylers that last until you shampoo hair. Just massage into hair, blow-dry, and style as usual.

color + clenditioner
Create your hair fantasy with color + clenditioner! These non-lather conditioning cleansers:
• Add bold, temporary colors to pre-lightened hair.
• Maintain vivid hair between salon appointments.
• Tone blonde hair.
• Allow you to shower in warm water, while your hair gets bolder!

This guide below shows how to blend the products for custom colors.

Keracolor’s website has plenty of information on how to use its popular product. In the meantime, watch this video for some major hair goals.

Bond Complex Girl
This product is a one-step formula that goes that extra step to preserve hair’s integrity during color and bleach application. Bond Complex Girl gets rid of breakage and increases vibrancy and color retention.

Daily Use Products
The daily clenditioner dilutes the vibrancy of the color conditioners, while the leave-in treatments provide a kick of moisture to keep lightened hair looking healthy, bright, and colorful.

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