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Featured Brand: Sachajuan


The beauty of simplicity drives Sachajuan. When they launched their range, Sachajuan felt that haircare was becoming too complicated. They wanted to make things easier for their stylists and clients.

Since early 2000 Sachajuan has worked with Swedish scientists to develop the perfect professional products; they let the performance of their products speak for themselves and avoid hollow marketing claims. Sachajuan uses only the ingredients they need; nothing more, nothing less. They are honest in their product information, so customers understand what hair care and styling products will achieve the desired result. Sachajuan's product philosophy combines style with substance, form with function.

Sachajuan products help stylists and their clients achieve a personal look in the easiest possible way. Each one is designed to produce an effortless look, enabling a confident, modern, and customized twist.

Their performance-driven hair care products are straightforward and honest. They have clear and easy-to-understand benefits and functional ingredients and are named precisely for what they do or what they are. They tell you why they made a product, how they made it, and how it works, making it easy to create beautiful hair every day—and select the right products.

Many brands preach about massive end-consumer research and product testing, but the result is often an average product that many will like but rarely a product that anyone will love. Proof of Sachajuan products' performance lies in many years of product development and refinement to reach perfection in their professional work. The real test is what customers think. Sachajuan looks for the moment when a product becomes like an extension of the user's hands, giving optimal control and movement.

Sachajuan follows all environmental and regulatory legislation in the markets where they work to ensure the highest quality and safety. They base all product development in Sweden, and the vast majority of products are made here, in the United States. The only exception is when national legislation from a given market requests that Sachajuan make a product in that country.

Sachajuan selects ingredients for purity and performance. They use extracts from two cold water algae naturally harvested from the ocean: Rhodophycea and Chondrus Crispus.

Rhodophycea is known for strengthening hair, increasing elasticity, and adding moisture. It works primarily on the inside of the hair, boosting its mineral balance with magnesium, calcium, manganese, and zinc, which can get depleted by daily damage. Chondrus Crispus works mainly on the surface of the hair. It contains a higher calcium and zinc content to help boost shine and protect hair from surface damage. Both of these algae hold great nourishing and normalizing properties for the scalp.

Because the Latin names for these algae are complicated, Sachajuan describes this combination, along with other carefully selected key ingredients, as their "Ocean Silk Technology." It's their way of explaining how these ingredients work together to help boost elasticity, moisture, shine, and the overall beauty of your hair. Ocean Silk Technology means that Sachajuan is unlike any other hair care.

Sachajuan's approach to hair care is simple: Cleanse, condition, and add treatments if needed, to build a stable foundation for styling. Their goal is to make hair look, feel, and move like hair, but better.

To do this, they look at hair in three dimensions: Surface, structure, and shape, as each of these qualities contribute to the form of the finished style.

Though it's not alive beyond the root, hair's keratin structure can be made to look and feel the way you want and take on different shapes, forms, and textures.

By strengthening and protecting hair's natural characteristics, we can improve it, making it easier to care for and control. Inspired by this, Sachajuan designed their Ocean Silk Technology to help create the desired result for every client.

It's a process they've worked with and mastered as professionals, and through the development of each product. They want to give people that feeling of having simply beautiful hair.

Sachajuan's name originates from their founders, Sacha Mitic and Juan Rosenlind, who combined their names to form Sachajuan when they started their Stockholm salon in 1997.

After experimentation with different brands without finding the desired performance or style, they introduced their first products in 2004 as a natural next chapter of their professional work and a reflection of their salon.

The Sachajuan range is inspired by how the owners think the hair should look, feel, and move, combined with their perspective on the industry and a desire to make hair care easy and understandable for stylists and their clients.

Hair care had become complicated, with a myriad of products and overpromises. Their vision was to cut through complexity to create a simple, definitive range—to help stylists excel with products for the toughest days of the trade. A range designed to deliver professional performance, giving stylists control of their craft.

The salon environment is still at the heart of Sachajuan's product development, where their products are not only created but used infinitely after. They only create products that perform perfectly for their daily professional work, and they use what they create. Today this development is guided by the sage experience of Creative Director, Sacha Mitic.

The result: Sachajuan's products are made to satisfy the needs of the most demanding stylists, starting with Sacha and Juan. Today Sachajuan is sold in more than 30 countries, from Stockholm to Sydney.

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