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Featured Brand: Wet Brush


The key to strong and healthy hair is how it’s brushed—it’s also the single most overlooked step in everyday hair care. Hair is at its weakest when wet, and when clients pull at it, strands can snap and break off, causing more unnecessary damage.

As stylists, recommend that clients begin brushing with a tool that gently loosens knots—without pulling or breaking hair. For that, there’s Wet Brush.

Wet Brush is famous for its Original Detangler that completely changed the hairbrush industry and transformed what used to be a painful and time-consuming task into an effortless part of the day.

Wet Brush offers its famous detangling bristles in lots of shapes and sizes—for travel, the shower, kids, styling, and more. Their brushes all work on all hair types.

Learn more about this brush line by visiting our product pages at Salon Only Sales.

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