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Beauty Connection


Beauty Connection generates income for a salon by selling online retail—and issuing commissions—without the added costs of inventory management, constant cleaning, clutter, and the labor of adding products into a system.

Replace lost retail sales from unexpected closure, give clients that travel an easier way to purchase, and capture more clientele by offering Beauty Connection, an e-commerce platform that makes shopping available wherever and whenever it’s convenient for customers.

Step 1: Create Your Activation Code

Create your code, which will be your Salon Only Sales account number + the number "1" at the end

Example: If Your Account Number is 0000, Your Beauty Connection Activation Code will be 00001

You can find your account number under My Account > Profile Information after logging in to salononlysales.com

Step 2: Hand Out Your Code to Clients

Hand out your activation code to your clients for them to go online and shop at salononlysalesbeautyconnection.com

Step 3: Earn Connection Credits

Earn a generous 25% commission!

Check your professional Salon Only Sales account monthly for the Connection Credits you've earned from your clients' purchases.

Step 4: Cash In at Salon Only Sales

Apply Connection Credits towards your future purchases at salononlysales.com whenever you're ready.

Need Graphics to Promote Beauty Connection?

We Have You Covered! Post on your social media accounts or send emails to your clients with our package of in-store, email, and social assets!