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Become an Educator

Become an evo Educator


evo education is designed to equip salon professionals with practical, translatable, and imaginative skills that can be used in any and every salon.

evo’s top-notch team of educators are unique, talented, and inspiring hairdressers that while serious about their profession, don’t take themselves too seriously. They’re industry leaders who think for themselves, challenge boundaries, and inspire change.

Why become an evo educator?
1. Build your skill set - develop your career, keep building your skill set and grow like that beanstalk you are.
2. Get mentored by the best of the best - hang with the industry's finest... the cream of the crop. The evo creative team make the curriculum, design the products and write the rules... and they're ready to mentor you.
3. Access exclusive education events - keep those creative juices flowing with educator-exclusive events and virtual workshops... we're here to help you be the best you can be.
4. Surround yourself with passionate stylists - evo educators are a little kooky, a lot hilarious and know their craft inside out. Surround yourself with a talented bunch of stylist and let the knowledge-sharing begin.
5. Spread your knowledge - share your hairdressing knowledge with your peers and rest easy knowing you've equipped them with the skills to create great hair, satisfy their clients and build salon business.

evo educator/color educator qualification recommendations:
1. Currently work in a qualifying high profile evo salon that carries the full evo range.
2. Be supported by their salon owner.
3. evo educator: Be a senior hairdresser with a minimum of 5 year’s experience.
4. evo color educator: Be a senior hairdresser with a minimum of 5 year’s coloring on the floor.
5. Suit the evo educator image.
6. Have a great personality.
7. Must have a laptop with powerpoint and basic computer skills.
8. Have good interpersonal skills.
9. Be flexible (willing to travel and work extended hours).
10. Attend evo educator training from time to time in their own time.
11. Be willing to teach product knowledge for both evo, fabuloso, and fabuloso pro for colorists.

Are you interested in being an evo educator?
Submit your resume and a 3 minute video to [email protected]. Those who progress will then be invited to a Skype interview. Color educator applicants must be currently working with fab pro and staino in a salon environment.

What to include in your 3 minute video: Your personality, why evo, why evo education, examples of hair you have created, and a quick tour of the salon you work in.