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PerfecTress: Hair Extensions and Additions Specialist

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Styling Without Limitations Connections

This advanced strand by strand system utilizes a smarter, less wasteful concept that’s both simple and innovative. Using the latest technology PerfecTress has mastered a streamline reusable design with long lasting, high end results. The competition pales in comparison when it comes to the overall speed and quality.

Immaculate Deception Tape Weft

PerfecTress has redefined the art of Tape Wefts with their enhanced system. Perfectress Tape Wefts are unbeatable due to the unique way of attaching the tape to the weft, paired with the quality of the tape used. Say goodbye to sticky residue and fast dissolving tapes that leave the client with much to be desired.

Redefining the Art of Tape Wefts Link Weft

During the never-ending quest to provide the newest, most innovative hair extension products on the market, PerfecTress is proud to introduce the Link Weft. It’s the natural evolution in hair extensions. The Link Weft system is fully customizable. Stylists are given complete creative control by making each weft the exact length and width to suit your client perfectly. The objective is to equip hairdressers with the latest technology in hair enhancements while eliminating the burden of a cumbersome application process.

Infinite Possibilities Multi Weft

The PerfecTress Multi Weft is the future of high end hair extensions. This innovative product allows for three installation options within one unique system! Not only are the options interchangeable, but reusable as well! The PerfecTress Multi Weft is the leader in providing choices. No other extension service permits this much creative control!

Dye to Your Desires Virgin Hair

PerfecTress Pure Virgin hair is the leading preeminent hair extension product available on the market. Every strand encompasses 99.9% of impeccable REMY human hair. Their specially trained staff works feverishly around the clock in order to hand remove all hairs showing even the slightest sign of damage.

Wear Your Fantasy Paramahair P70

Unleash your fantasies by wearing the trendy Fancy collection! It comes in an assortment of rainbow colors. Paramahair, also known as “P70,” is the latest development of man-made hair. These vibrant, fashion forward colors are comprised of 30% Remy Cuticle Hair and 70% Paramahair. It’s available in both rich bold and soft pastel colors. Find what speaks to you!

About PerfecTress®

PerfecTress holds itself to the highest caliber in regards to product quality and customer service.

Sourcing: The PerfecTress brand exudes excellence. Remy hair is of the finest quality, rated at the top tier above any other hair type. With over 50 years of experience in sourcing superior Remy Hair, PerfecTress has established themselves as an independent leader in manufacturing hair extensions.

PerfecTress International credits itself as being a “Fair Trade” biased company. Following a strict set of ethical guidelines, they only source the healthiest, freshly cut Raw Remy Hair. The hair is never stored long term, bought from other suppliers, or taken from unknown collectors.

The term “Remy” refers to the characteristics of the hair and the method used to manufacture the hair extensions. All outer cellular layer of hair is left intact and sorted in the same direction, making it the most sought after hair by both the hairdresser and consumer. The majority of hair originates from India and China.

PerfecTress uses a unique blend known as a “Euro-Blend.” The hair is comprised of a seamless combination involving Indian, Chinese and European hair. The hair is infused with a Perma Moisture Treatment. This form of protein is injected directly inside the hair cortex, preventing the hair from drying out. No chemical treatments are used when fabricating the vast selection of hair textures. The high-end hair is extremely durable while our colors are impervious to fading. In fact, the hair can be worn up to a year with proper maintenance.

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