Imprinter Reflection Collection Stencil Kit

by Davines

  • UPC: 800460826521
  • Size: 2 pc.
Note: Can only be ordered in multiples of {0}

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This new color service stimulates the colorists’ creativity and the nal clients’ curiosity through an inspiration of sophisticated looks that were unimaginable until today.

Last but not least, our salons will now have the possibility to offer a high added value service, differentiating their color offer.

The Imprinting Color Service:
Allows maximum expression of color creativity
Inspired by the geometries of nature and the behavioral pattern of imprinting in nature
Can be used with all color products from permanent to temporary (ie from Mask with Vibrachrom to Alchemic)
Designed for a creative client who’s not afraid to stand out
Offers a pattern effect previously impossible to achieve
Is easy to maintain with regrowth
Offers a flexible color service to match clients’ needs for both full-head or partial placements
Increases salon color business by offering unique and distinctive add-on services
Use of Imprinter will come easy to a creative colorist

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