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Olivia Garden Exclusive Case Deal 6.5 inch

Exclusive Case Deal

by Olivia Garden

  • UPC: SW-C05
  • Size: 6.5 inch
Note: Can only be ordered in multiples of {0}

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Exclusive Case Deal Includes:
1 SwivelCut Shear 6.5 inch
1 The Edge Razor
1 Shear Care Oil Brush
2 Finger Ring Inserts
1 Cleaning Cloth
1 Designer Case

SwivelCut Handle Features:
Special double-pivot ergonomic handle - both pivots swivel and rotate 360 degrees
Allows wrist, hand and fingers to work in most comfortable position
Helps prevent wrist stress such as carpal tunnel syndrome
Permanent finger rest and comfort silencer
Easy to adjust precision dial for perfect tension control

SwivelCut Blade Features:
Ultra sharp, reinforced steel alloy blade edge for effortless cutting
Hand honed powerful razor sharp convex blades

The Edge Razor:
Comfortable ergonomic handle design
Lightweight and balances

Shear Care Oil Brush:
Convenient and easy to use
Soft brush on one end and a click system on the other
Simply twist to lubricate brush and apply to blades