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  • Cut & Color Onstage with Michael Polsinelli and Camilla Hurrell

    Eclectic, Innovative and Inspiring

    MICHAEL POLSINELLI • Determination. Motivation. Mentor.
    Michael Polsinelli’s illustrious career spans over 20 years in which he has influenced thousands of hair professionals, served as a Global Art Director, created over 100 haircut, styling and avant-garde collections, and performed as a platform artist in countless events around the world. Michael’s exceptional talent and experience establishes him among the leading visionaries in the hair industry. With an inclusive, comprehensive teaching approach, Michael empowers and motivates his fellow stylists. He shares his incomparable experience in a way that complements and individual’s learning style and invigorates the hair professional to then return behind the chair and inspire both their clients and colleagues alike.

    CAMILLA HURRELL  Diligent. Creative. Light-Hearted.
    Camilla says, “creating color is a perfect blend of art and science.” Camilla’s personal philosophy stresses the importance of both technique and the quality of the hair. She believes that creating the right formulation for the client is important, but the difference between a good and a great colorist is the attention to the integrity of the hair and its condition. This emphasis on quality demonstrates an aptitude and professionalism that her students and colleagues deeply value. Camilla works with multiple non-profit organizations advocating on behalf of environmental, animal, and human rights.
    “I consider myself someone who cares deeply about the environment, and I truly admire the Davines’ commitment to reducing its ecological footprint. Since joining the business, the strong culture and family-like atmosphere are obvious, which is something I also highly value. I look forward to being here for a long time.”

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  • Cutting for the Edge with Color

    This course aims to stimulate and unlock the day to day mindset from working in the salon. We create an inspirational approach without losing the structural aspect of the haircut. We will be utilizing technique to push these haircuts to the limit combining the elements of line, balance and creative color. Color will be key in setting apart these designed haircuts because we use color to make a statement as well as complimenting the overall look.

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  • Foil Placement and Patterns

    Get inspired with new foil placement and patterns to enhance your color services utilizing Davines Century of Light bleaches. Discover toning techniques with VIEW and Finest Pigments.

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