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10 Products to Keep Blonde Hair and Highlights Stunning and Bright


Gorgeous, lasting color is no accident, especially when it comes to blondes. From shampoos and conditioners to all-inclusive kits, we’re highlighting some of our favorite products for blondes to look their best.

Shampoos, Conditioners & Stylers

NEUMA reNeu Dry Shampoo
NEUMA reNeu dry shampoo is the perfect answer to less-than-fresh blonde: Naturally derived powders absorb oil, neutralize odor, and bring volume without that powdery look or an itchy scalp, so hair looks and feels fresh. With no talc or aluminum, unwashed blonde has never looked so good.

NEUMA neuBlonde Platinum Shampoo and Detangling Rinse
NEUMA neuBlonde Platinum Shampoo and Detangling Rinse are a powerful duo for dazzling platinum blonde. Grape Skin Pigment Extract tones brassiness, while extra gentle, unpreserved natural surfactants smooth and protect hair. Daily use of the combo heightens shine and brilliance.

evo Fabuloso Colour-Intensifying Conditioner
Fabuloso Colour Intensifying Conditioner - Platinum Blonde by evo is for blondes on the go. In less than five minutes, the treatment smoothes and nourishes hair while boosting color for a more luminous look that’s soft and shiny. Plus, it extends color life for long-lasting vibrancy.

milk_shake silver shine shampoo
Brassy hair needs different toning than yellow hair. Those looking to get rid of more brassy, orange tones will benefit from milk_shake’s silver shine shampoo. For an intense effect, leave on the client’s hair for a few minutes, rinse, apply milk_shake silver shine whipped cream, and blow-dry to reveal an icier tone.

milk_shake silver shine whipped cream
The milk_shake silver shine whipped cream is a mousse that has the benefits of purple shampoo, but deposits slightly more pigment because it stays in the hair. The mousse has a purple tint and can be applied all over to pick up an icier tone.


Davines The Circle Chronicles Masks
Davines The Circle Chronicles is a collection of hair masks that target everything from hydration and repair, to shine and restorative volume. Combine masks to maximize results.

Cezanne Ultimate Blonde Keratin Smoothing Treatment
Cezanne Ultimate Blonde Keratin Smoothing Treatment is a combination product that blends smoothing and toning into one amazing treatment. This remedy gets rid of warm tones and leaves hair shiny and smooth. In addition to stunning results, clients have also reported a 33-50% reduction in drying and styling time after use.


milk_shake decologic lighteners and developers
milk_shake decologic lighteners and developers are an excellent solution for lightening things up! Achieve high lifts with great tone while protecting and conditioning hair. The products counteract brassy tones and won’t run or expand—goodbye surprises!

Blonde Perfect Balayage Kit by L’ANZA
Achieve stunning results with L’ANZA’s Blonde Perfect Balayage Kit. The kit contains everything needed from product to brush, and even instructions for a flawless look.


privé blonde rush
privé Blonde Rush Starter Block is another great collection of products for blondes; not only does the kit contain all the products stylists love, but it also comes with marketing materials and branded goodies to promote the products. This all-inclusive combo contains:

2 blonde rush shampoo
2 blonde rush conditioner
2 finishing texure spray
1 prep & protect spray
1 shine mist
1 dry shampoo
1 blonde rush shampoo Liter
1 blonde rush conditioning Liter
5 privé hair ties
5 privé buttons
1 brochure
1 set of shelf talkers

From shampoos and conditioners, to treatments and kits, Salon Only Sales has everything needed for the ultimate look in lasting, vibrant blonde. Log in to shop all of the products mentioned here and more!

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