Five Big Shifts in Sustainable Beauty From the Decade


Sustainability has been at the forefront of our business since we started in 2004. Slowly, but surely, there have been several changes within the industry to truly make it beautiful for customers and the planet. Since the green movement has become more prevalent in the last decade than ever before, we are looking at five significant shifts.

Certified B Corporation

Certified B Corporation began evaluating and certifying businesses for their sustainable practices (beyond product or service-level) in 2006. B Corp Certification evaluates the overall positive impact the company has on the environment, their employees, customers, and community. Each companies’ B Impact Report is transparent and available at

Davines and Comfort Zone have been a Certified B Corp since 2016. They’ve won the Best for Environment two consecutive years in a row for 2018 and 2019. Click here to see their B Impact Report and overall impact score.

Green Circle Salons

From aerosol cans, paper, plastics to hair clippings, used foils, excess color, and tubes, Green Circle is the first company to provide the world’s first and North America’s only sustainable salon solution to recover and repurpose beauty waste. They have diverted 6,173,198 pounds of waste and counting from landfills and waterways.

We are proud to be an affiliate and encourage a sustainable salon lifestyle in addition to the brands we offer. Salons who join the movement have the opportunity to become more profitable by implementing energy and water-saving systems as well as gaining more guests who want to invest in green-minded businesses.

Sustainable Packaging is at the Forefront

A decade ago, one in five women 25 to 34 years old informed a survey that a product’s “eco-friendly” packaging was just as important as the ingredients, according to The New York Times. Additionally, the Environmental Protection Agency reported that packaging accounts for a quarter of landfill waste. With a variety of products, plastic wrapping, and more, the beauty industry had to acknowledge the waste that was compiling. More beauty brands are creating packaging that can be reused and easily recycled. Distributors are also playing their part by using recyclable cardboard or paper instead of plastic to provide the proper padding in-salon orders.

European Union (EU) Bans Cosmetics that Tests on Animals and Sustainable Beauty Awards

Although there were various vegan or natural-ingredient based brands on the rise, it doesn’t mean they adhered to all of the sustainable rules and practices. For example, there were vegan beauty products tested on animals where it was permitted. In March of 2013, the EU completely banned the sale of any cosmetics that tested on animals; this affected not only the EU countries, but also the partners, brands, and manufacturers. As far as the U.S. goes, we are sure we will follow suit with the Humane Cosmetics Act that proposes banning cosmetic testing on animals as well as the sale of cosmetics that were tested on animals.

The Sustainable Beauty Awards commemorates these efforts. These awards recognize beauty brands and their work to make a sustainable impact within the industry around the world.

Recycle and Reuse Beauty Product Containers

Beauty brands are making more responsible choices with their ingredients and natural resources available. Instead of throwing away empty bottles and containers, eco-friendly brands are encouraging salons and customers to reduce, reuse, and recycle. Davines’ products are a great way to implement a sustainable change in the salon and with clients. Once they’re washed and clean, use them to plant a flower or herbs like basil and mint. Salons can also encourage re-use of containers by offering a special discount for products that only need to be refilled rather than purchasing a brand new item.

We are looking forward to the continued progression of sustainability and more beauty brands inputting sustainable practices. We’d love to see how you make a positive impact on the planet, tag us at @salononlysales on Instagram for a chance to be reshared on our page!

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