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Change Up Salon Retail for Better Sales in 2022


Product merchandising can sometimes take a back seat in the hustle and bustle of salon life, but product sales have the potential to serve as a serious revenue stream. Whether looking to boost retail sales in the new year or just wanting to freshen things up, we’ve put together a few tips to help salon owners and stylists make the most of their retail programs this year.

Retail Space Basics

Before starting a new retail program, make sure the salon follows key retail basics. Here’s a quick refresher on often-forgotten fundamentals.

Keep Retail Looking Fresh

Nothing keeps products on the shelves longer than a neglected-looking display area. Perception is everything when it comes to selling products, so keep the retail space tidy and fresh. Reposition bottles for neatness throughout the day. Dust routinely to avoid the appearance that products have been sitting on shelves for an extended period of time.

If product is running low, get creative with the display to fill the space and avoid a picked-over look.

Take Advantage of Point-of-Purchase (POP) Materials

Shelf talkers and other salon display materials grab attention, increase visual interest, and provide essential product information to potential customers. Many brands offer these as support materials to promote their products; salon owners need only inquire.

If display items are unavailable through the manufacturer or the salon product distributor, consider working with a professional designer to create posters, displays, window stickers, and tent cards that align with the salon’s brand.

Don’t Make Retail an Outcast

A common mistake is to relegate retail to a dark corner or a space in the salon that isn’t part of the natural flow of traffic. By positioning retail where it is readily accessible and part of the regular traffic flow, salons can increase the visibility of their retail products.

Advanced Salon Retail Merchandising Techniques

With the basics covered, try out some of the techniques below to take retail up a notch.

Showcase Retail on Social Media

Further increase product visibility and bring in new clients by showcasing retail products on social media channels. Clients love to see how products work in real life, so consider doing Instagram or Facebook Live videos to highlight products and give demos.

Increase followers and engagement by running a contest to win the highlighted product or receive a free service with the product.

Change up the Display

Using a systematic approach to marketing retail by changing up the display monthly or quarterly. Choose a new theme for each display to highlight different products and keep the space fresh and visually interesting to returning clients (be sure to align themes with any existing salon marketing programs). A good rule of thumb is to update the display as frequently as regular clients come in so they are always seeing something new.

Consider changing product grouping to see how it affects sales; some clientele may respond better to groupings from the same brand, where they can easily shop all of their hair care needs in one spot, while others might prefer items grouped by category (shampoos, finishing sprays, etc.).

Encourage Stylists to Highlight Products

Clients love to know how they can get the salon look at home. Encourage stylists to talk to clients about the products they’re using and why. If clients are comfortable with the process and understand the benefits, they are more willing to make a purchase.

Consider running a behind-the-scenes contest that rewards the top-selling stylists. This approach comes with a word of caution, however: Stylists who come off as being sales-y or pushy are a major turnoff and could turn clients away, so it is essential that stylists find the right balance in their approach.

One way to do this is by focusing on educating clients instead of selling to them. Listen to their problems as part of a thorough consultation and recommend any products that could help them with their struggles; they will appreciate it!

These are just a few of the tactics salon owners and stylists can use this year to ramp up retail sales. Find merchandising tools, retail products, and more expert advice at SalonOnlySales.com!