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11 Things Every Salon Should be Putting on Their Marketing Calendar


A marketing calendar keeps the salon’s focus, energy, and resources on the tasks planned out each month, which results in a smooth running operation. Take time to plan out the marketing calendar for the year—trust us; it’s worth it. Plus, it gets easier every year, as you see what works and what doesn’t. Salons, if it’s not broke, don’t fix it, either!

Big Holidays
Mark down all the yearly events first in the marketing calendar. New Year’s, Valentine’s, Easter, Mother’s Day, Memorial Day, Father’s Day, Fourth of July, Labor Day, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas—and make sure to include Hanukkah, Kwanzaa and all religious observances to provide a welcoming atmosphere for clients.

New Clients
Next, plan a quarterly drive to get new customers. Salons with a stable amount of business only need to do a drive once or twice a year.

Seasonal Promos
As the seasons change, haircuts and colors are quick to follow. Plan promotions around spring and fall, when people are looking for significant changes. For spring, salons should offer a foil package for blonde clients, and spas should provide a facial special to rejuvenate winter skin. For fall, plan some back-to-school service promotions, or put a fun spin on Halloween by creating a spooky charcoal “mask” promotion.

Monthly Newsletter
A newsletter is a way to build relationships with customers and keep them informed. Call out customer birthdays and offer them a monthly discount. Many salons stay in touch with clients with monthly texts and mailers, too.

Social Media
Social media needs a separate calendar because the day-to-day posts will clutter the overall marketing calendar. However, plan out significant social events like monthly Facebook and Instagram Lives, and quarterly giveaways and contests.

Returning Clients
Consider a promotion for regular clients once or twice a year. After all, they’ll see the new client drives and wonder when they’re going to get that special treatment!

Conversion Promos
Salons that offer hair, nail, and spa services have an opportunity to convert and introduce clients to all their different facilities. Offer 20% off a manicure when paired with any haircut to get customers comfortable with other team members and services the salon provides.

Retargeting Campaigns
Every salon has months that see a dip in foot traffic and revenue. Retarget those who haven’t had a cut or color in a while. Spas can hone in on customers who might need to rebook for a waxing or facial appointment.

Team Incentives
Mix it up and create a friendly competition once or twice a year to keep the team energized. Offer an enticing prize for the winner and make sure to keep the contests fun and fair.

Yearly Fundraiser
Work as a team to raise money for a foundation, local business, or start a food drive for a shelter once a year. Working for the greater good creates a community and higher purpose that follows the team out the door even after they leave for the day.

Show The Team
Meet with the entire salon team to introduce the yearly marketing calendar. Keeping everyone in the loop allows for advocacy of the promotions and plans that were so thoughtfully planned out.

Make a habit of measuring results to determine what’s working every month, quarter, and year. Set goals for monthly numbers and note when the salon met them or fell short. Whether a campaign is successful or a complete flop, salon owners can learn from everything. Consider simply trying things an achievement in itself—and pat yourself on the back for successfully planning a yearly calendar. A planned calendar means it’s time to execute. Get all the products to support the salon’s campaign calendar with our bi-monthly promotions at Salon Only Sales.