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Salon Equipment

How to Clean Salon Equipment and Tools


Think about going out to eat at a restaurant; the staff always cleans the table and places fresh silverware for the next party. Take this practice to your clients and wipe down the salon chair and hand-held tools between appointments. It's not only common courtesy but good hygiene.

Daily Use Tools

Start by using natural-based cleaning supplies to prevent health and environmental ramifications. Gather tools that are used daily such as scissors, hair clips, razors, brushes, or anything else that needs cleaning.

Put on rubber gloves to set these tools in a large tub of hot water for at least 30 minutes. Soak them in another tub that contains natural cleaning products or 80% alcohol to sanitize thoroughly. Let the tools sit for no less than one hour. Afterward, use a soft, clean towel to pat dry.

Before cleaning electric tools, make sure they are unplugged. Gently scrub the surface and insides if possible with a disinfecting wipe and let it sit for 30 minutes.


From an excess of color and dropped lightener to hairspray buildup and coffee spills, salon chairs have had it all. It’s best to clean the stain immediately rather than waiting and letting it settle.

Use this natural alternative to clean spills quickly:

1. Mix one-half cup of baking soda with four cups of warm water.
2. Take a sponge or soft cloth and test the mixture on the bottom of the chair.
3. Follow with a thorough cleaning.

If there is still hairspray or a stain on the chair, use a stronger mixture:

1. Pour some baking powder in a bowl and add enough lemon juice to make a paste.
2. Apply the mixture to the sticky areas of the chair and leave the mixture on the chair for a couple of minutes. The acid in the lemon juice will cut through the stickiness.
3. Wipe away the mixture with a clean cloth.
4. Repeat the process as many times as necessary.

For sinks, use one part powdered or liquid detergent and three parts water. Let it sit for about an hour before rinsing.

Reference the instruction manual for all electrical salon equipment like hot tools or dryer chairs. If it states that only dry cleaning is safe for such material, never attempt to use water or any liquid cleaning ingredient.

Overall Salon

Standard cleaning practices should also be arranged at the salon—sweeping, dusting, and sanitizing need to be on a daily to-do list. Clutter can pile up quickly, and it doesn’t provide the right image to clients that are observing the area. Make sure that everything is in its place at work stations, the reception area, bathroom, and other spaces that are accessible to clients.

Be sure to keep the retail area spotless—this may seem like a no-brainer, but it’s often forgotten. Shelves and products should be dusted daily, so clients will be more apt to buy.

Refreshing the little details can make a huge impact. Show us your clean space after following these tips by tagging us on Instagram, @SalonOnlySales.