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Five Business Models to Bring in Extra Revenue During the Pandemic


earn extra revenue during the pandemic
earn extra revenue during the pandemic
The ongoing coronavirus pandemic has turned the salon world upside down. When unpredictability seems to be the norm, salon owners and stylists have to get creative to keep business flowing. Consider implementing one (or all) of the following ideas to bring in additional revenue—even in the event of a closure.

Open an Online Store

Putting salon retail products online is a necessity in today’s new “normal.” Selling retail online keeps clients stocked with the products they need (and keeps them loyal to the salon) and allows them to shop at any time of the day, regardless of whether the salon has to close temporarily.

An online store might seem out of reach to the inexperienced, but there are many online resources and tools to make building an e-commerce site easy and painless.

Become an Influencer
Building a brand online through thoughtful and relevant content has a ton of benefits; it builds trust and brings in clients that might not have heard of the salon otherwise. Bring in revenue by offering premium content for a small fee, hosting webinars and virtual events, and curating advertisers.

Be sure to build a presence on social media, too, especially Instagram. Becoming an influencer takes time and effort but is well worth the opportunities and potential revenue of a successful online brand.

Consider a Subscription Service
Subscription services are an excellent way to keep clients coming through the door and maintain a steady income. For a set monthly fee, offer unlimited waxing, trims, and blowouts, or other services. Opt for a tiered approach to hit every level of client, from low to high maintenance.

A subscription service won’t help the salon avoid closures, but it could tide the business over in uncertain times and keep clients coming back.

Consider subscription services and gift cards with caution; however, many salons that offered gift cards and later had to close their doors have left a slew of unhappy clients in the lurch.

Offer Private Training Sessions
So many women feel like they just don’t have the skills to look their best. Maybe they’re not sure how to properly apply make-up or would like a few different options for styling their hair every day. Offer private training or one-on-one image consulting sessions to create a pandemic-proof revenue stream—many of these sessions could even occur virtually!

Go to the Clients
If clients can’t come to the salon, bring the salon to them. Offer in-home cuts, waxing, and other mobile services.

As the pandemic drags on, many find ways to host scaled-back weddings and parties, so let clients know they still have options, even if the salon closes.

Bring in Rent
Consider renting out a portion of the salon to a credible business. This would not only bring in some revenue when the salon closes but is also likely to get people in the door that might not have come otherwise.

The coronavirus pandemic has tragically forced the closing of many salons. Many salon owners and stylists have had to get creative and explore alternative streams of revenue to keep the doors open. Salon Only Sales is committed to the wellbeing of our industry and those who work in it. We hope that the ideas listed here provide some inspiration and relief. Shop retail products, salon supplies, and so much more at Salon Only Sales.

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