How to Start the New Year Sustainably: Become a Green Circle Salon


Each year, the focus on sustainability in the beauty industry grows stronger. Kick off the New Year sustainably by becoming a Certified Sustainable Salon under the Green Circle Salons movement—a first-of-its-kind sustainability initiative focused on recycling, reusing, and repurposing salon- and spa-generated waste streams.

The Green Circle Salons program is helping salons and spas everywhere transform the industry from the inside-out for the next generation by recovering up to 95% of their waste and repurposing it into value-added products and energy.

Why Become a Green Circle Salon? 

The beauty industry has seen its share of sustainability trends come and go, but Green Circle Salons is here to stay. Started in 2009, they are certified by B Corp and the Carbon Trust, which holds them to stringent sustainability standards. Salon owners who join the movement rest easy with the program’s Green Guarantee, the assurance that the collected waste won’t end up taking space in a landfill somewhere.

The movement has already diverted more than 7 million pounds of waste (and counting) from landfills, helping to make a dent in the 877 pounds of waste the beauty industry generates every minute.

The best part about becoming a Certified Sustainable Salon is that it’s not just great for the planet, it’s great for business too, with benefits including:

Attracting Like-Minded Clients

Clients are increasingly concerned about minimizing their carbon footprint. Many are unwilling to support businesses without at least some focus on sustainability. Joining the Green Circle Salons movement shows clients the salon is serious about protecting the environment, giving it a competitive edge over other not-eco-conscious salons.

Maximized Visibility to the Green Salon Community

In addition to providing marketing materials to promote the salon’s switch to sustainability, Green Circle Salons also adds member salons to the Green Salon Directory and the My Green Salon app, maximizing their visibility to the growing community of eco-conscious people and businesses.

Saving Money on Other Green Initiatives

Salons that opt into the program choose from two one-time membership fees of either $99.95, or $149.95, which provides additional visibility by including the salon in the KEVIN.MURPHY Salon Locator (KEVIN.MURPHY Salon Rewards points are also eligible for use toward initial membership fees).

A portion of the membership, along with any additional contributions, goes toward the salon’s “Green Change Purse,” in which the salon can save money to put toward other sustainability initiatives in the salon.

How Green Circle Salons Works

Salons of all shapes and sizes are eligible for membership. Salons simply collect their waste—everything from hair clippings to extra hair color, and even PPE—and GCS arranges for pick-up, either on a fixed schedule based on projected need or by calling someone to arrange a pick-up as needed.

GCS then works with several recycling partners throughout North America to transform the waste into new products or convert it to a source of energy.

Getting Started With Green Circle Salons

Getting started on the road toward becoming a Certified Sustainable Salon is easy: Fill out the form on the Green Circle Salons website by clicking “Join the Movement” or “Become a Green Circle Salon” and someone from the program will follow up via phone.

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