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Missed Earth Day? 6 Creative Ways to Celebrate Earth Day in the Salon Every Day


April 22 is Earth Day and the entire month of April is Earth Month, with celebrations dedicated to drawing awareness to preserving the environment and encouraging observers to take action.

Never has promoting sustainability through business practices in the salon been more important, but never has it been more challenging. With most salons closed throughout April amidst coronavirus lockdowns, salons haven’t been able to highlight this holiday properly.

When the salon reopens, we recommend these creative ways to celebrate Earth Day and Earth Month in the salon throughout the year, highlighting sustainable beauty brands along the way.

Promote No-Wash Days

Washing hair uses a significant amount of water, and we can often get by without it. Suggest clients use products like Water Killer Dry Shampoo by evo to refresh their look between washes. It will cut down on their water use and may even encourage them to take other steps toward a more sustainable lifestyle.

Have a Liter Sale

Celebrate Earth Month, albeit a little later in the year, with a liter sale; liters use less plastic per ounce of product than smaller bottles, making them more environmentally friendly.

Highlight Exceptional Brands

Build displays in the retail area that showcase sustainable brands. Incorporate elements from the outdoors for visual interest and a more natural feel. In addition to drawing attention to retail, this approach educates clients on brands that align with their values.

Encourage Email Subscriptions

Promote a paperless way of life by asking customers to sign up for your online mailing list. In honor of Earth Month, offer a discount or freebie for those that do.

Showcase a Local Group or Cause

Partner with a local charity to highlight relevant sustainability issues and efforts; donate a portion of sales to the cause, or consider matching donations.

Alternatively, pick a handful of reputable charities and give clients a choice on where their donation goes. It’s never the wrong time of year to promote sustainability.

Host a Recycling Drive

Ensuring plastic bottles make it to the recycle bin is an excellent way to honor Earth Month. Offer a discount on retail products for anyone who brings in their old bottles.

At Salon Only Sales, one of our key missions is to promote environmentally friendly salon products. We carefully curate our brands to serve as a steward of the environment, and we hope these fresh ideas for how salons can celebrate Earth Day have inspired our customers. We’ve also partnered with Green Circle Salons to raise awareness and maximize (but also minimize) our impact. Shop the best in sustainable beauty brands at Salon Only Sales!

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