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This Summer’s Hot Hair Trends (And How To Get Them)


This summer’s hair trends run the gamut in style, but they all have one thing in common: Each look is rooted in the mentality of embracing our best selves. We’ve put together a short list of the top trends we expect to see this summer, as well as the products you can use to help clients rock the look.

Enhanced Natural Color

More than ever, clients are looking to embrace their natural color, but that doesn’t mean they have to sacrifice that fresh look.

Enhance and complement every color under the sun with Davines VIEW demi-permanent colour—it’s the perfect way to blend grays and give existing color a boost for a subtle, but revitalized look. We love that this formula leaves hair shiny and voluminous, too.

Not-So-Subtle Color

For clients that want to make a bold statement with their hair, L'ANZA PROFESSIONAL VIBES High-Impact Cream Color provides punchy color that stands out in a crowd.

From Teal to Magenta (or something in-between), L’ANZA offers a ton of stunning hues—use them alone or mix them together for a totally unique look that lets clients showcase their personality however they want.

Natural Curls

More clients are opting to embrace their natural curls this summer. Fight frizz and let curls shine with L'ANZA ADVANCED HEALING CURLS Curl Whirl Defining Crème—it’s the perfect way to achieve soft curl support and definition while taming frizz. Plus, the plant-based protein gives curls strength, while a vegan butter complex imparts a soft look with shine.

The Wolf Cut

The shaggy mullet is making a major comeback and we are here for it!

The wolf cut lends volume to the crown and takes away bulkiness from the sides, all while providing plenty of movement and visual interest with layers. Whether clients wear their hair short, long, or in-between, the wolf cut is a win this summer.

Try evo's shebang-a-bang dry spray wax to perfect this lived-in look with a satin finish.

Healthy, Vibrant Hair

One look that never goes out of style is healthy, nourished hair.

Gone are the days when hair health was an afterthought—savvy clients aren’t willing to sacrifice hair integrity. They want products they can trust to repair damage and keep hair healthy.

Try milk_shake active milk mask to restore and revive tired, damaged hair.

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