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17 Ideas for Salon Chairs, Furniture, and Stylist Stations


A salon is a place several people look forward to going to; clients come in and expect to walk out with a refreshed look, confidence, and a smile. To keep clients coming back, salon owners must maintain the stylist work stations. They are often the area where clients spend the most time during their appointment. To assess whether the salon should be updated, consider the current salon stations:

• Do they emanate as a place that will provide a transformation?
• Are they welcoming?
• Do they represent your personality?
• Do they fit in with your ideal client base?

If not, consider updating with new furniture, lighting, or a quick coat of paint. We’ve collected some images to match the salon theme, whether the vibe is playful or poetic.

Bright and Poppy - Bright Paint Colors, Geometric Shapes

Add interest and pops of color to a stylist station with geometric shapes and fluorescent colors. They can be added to a wall or even the floor as shown below.

Minimal - Plants, Marble, White

Nothing says minimal like marble, white accents, and plants. The combination can be relaxing and have a cozy home feel from the station to the shampoo bowl.

Dark and Moody - Leather, Wood and Black, Saturated Paint Colors

If the salon’s interior is toned down, play off of it with black accents on the lights and chairs. This salon strategically used their lights to add a gleaming effect, so the salon isn’t too gloomy.

Keep in mind that dark doesn’t always mean black; a deep blue or purple can fit the vibe. Add a few plants to compliment the colors.

White and Pink - Vintage, Gold and Pink Accents

The mix of white and pink shades can present a vintage or a modern feel. For an elegant touch, add gold accents on mirrors or chairs and tables.

Colorful and Feminine - Flowers, Rose Gold, Cute Decor

If the salon specializes in women’s styles, demonstrate that with lively space. Add shades of pink, greenery, and artwork to brighten up the areas they’ll be surrounded by.

Faded and Filtered - Gray, Metal Accents

Stick to muted hues with metal accents for this type of salon. These shades work well in the waiting area and behind the chair.

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